The Romanian Television has decided: Roxen will represent Romania at ESC2021

Taking into consideration the statements of the ESC organisers regarding national selections and in agreement with its partner, Global Records, the Romanian Television (TVR) has decided to support Roxen as Romania’s representative for Eurovision Song Contest 2021.


According to clarifications coming from the organisers, participating countries are allowed to keep the artist selected for this year’s edition or to choose another representative. Nevertheless, the provisions of the Rules will not be amended in respect of the song – the entries for next year’s edition have to be released commercially after September 1st 2020.

“TVR waited for the official confirmation from organisers regarding the possibility to support the artist already selected for this year’s competition, then discussed the current situation with Global Records and reached the decision to maintain Roxen as Romania’s representative at ESC2021. Under the current complicated circumstances, we will put to good use the resources invested for organising the 2020 National Selection and we will also honour the vote of confidence that Roxen has already received. These days, we all live in a new and different type of normality and Eurovision will restart next year in our hearts with renewed strength. I am sure that Roxen can impress Europe through her attitude, her vocal qualities and her on stage presence, even if the selected song did not have the opportunity to shine as deserved. We are certain we can find another song that will be loved or not, but certainly will not be ignored by any lover of good music!”, stated Head of Delegation Liana Stanciu.

“I received the good news with a lot of excitement and emotion and I want to thank everybody for their trust. I already know how much dedication and work this project involves, so I am ready to start again my preparations as soon as possible in order to represent Romania the best that I can at ESC2021. I am sorry the Rules will not allow me to perform “Alcohol You”, a song I truly love. I will continue to sing it every time I will have the opportunity. I can hardly wait for us to get back to work and to produce the best song for ESC2021”, Roxen said.

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At the moment, the organisers - EBU, NPO, NOS, AVROTROS and the City of Rotterdam - are continuing dialogue concerning the possibility to host the 2021 contest. Talks are under way also concerning the launch of an official CD to include all the songs selected for the 2020 edition.


Eurovision Song Contest 2020 was scheduled to take place in Rotterdam, under the „Open Up” slogan, with Semifinals on May 12 and May 14 and the Final on May 16. 40 countries were to participate along Romania.

This year’s edition has been cancelled by organisers, according to the public annoucement from March 18, taking into consideration the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Roxen was designated to represent Romania at ESC2020 with „Alcohol You”, a song produced  bt Viky Red, music – Viky Red and Ionuţ Armas, lyrics  - Ionuţ Armas and Breyan Isaac.

The decision has been reached at the National Final organised by TVR on March 1st at the „Romeo Iamandi” Sports Hall in Buzău, based on votes from both the jury and the public.

For other info, please contact us at: eurovision.romania@tvr.ro

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